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Micha Urbaniak foto.png

michał urbaniak

The most famous polish jazz musician, a violin virtuoso player who recorded with Miles Davis. The musicians met in 2006. Since that time, Michał Urbaniak invited Jerzy many times to work at events such as: "Komeda by Urbaniak", "Urbanator", "Urbanator Days" with the participation of musicians from the US and the UK. Master expressed himself very favorably in his opinion on Jerzy: ,, ... is a young, talented musician, world class trumpeter as evidenced by his and our joint appearances at many stages of the world. This is evidenced by numerous recordings, TV and radio. ",, ... He is a great arranger, composer and director of a number of different musical projects."

Maria Schneider

maria schneider

Maria Schneider is a legendary American composer and big-band leader, who has won multiple Grammy Awards. For the first time Jerzy has established collaborations with Maria as a member of Krzysztof Herdzin's Big Band. She conducted the band and performed her own great compositions during a concert at the Warsaw Summer Jazz Days 2009. Jerzy toured with Maria also during one of the next successive visits in Europe, which ended a memorable concert on Bielska Zadymka Jazz FestivalBielsko-Biała 2015 .


garry bartz

As a young man Jerzy, at the age of 21, was invited to work by an outstanding Polish guitarist Jarek Śmietana and his group on the project called "African Lake". During that time Jerzy had the opportunity to tour and record with the legendary musician Gary Bartz. Gary is an icon of American alto and soprano saxophone well known as a member of Max Roach, McCoy Tyner and Miles Davis bands.


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krzysztof herdzin

Krzysztof is one of the most respected pianist, arrangers, composers, conductors and producers in Poland. He's an outstanding artist who have made many fantastic projects and received number of awards. His big-band is now considered to be the most successful and respectable group in Poland. For almost 10 years Krzysztof invites Jerzy to collaborate on his projects both as a sideman and soloist.

Stephen Riley

Stephen Riley is a prominent American saxophonist who has made many recordings with outstanding artists. He's best known for his work with Wynton Marsalis whom he recorded 5 prestigious albums with. Stephen took part in Jerzy's project "Stalgia" released in 2015 during his tour in Europe.

Marek Dyjak foto.png

marek dyjak

Dyjak is a unique figure on the Polish music scene, bard singing poetry in the jazz idiom, often compared to American singer Tom Waits. Marek Dyjak and Jerzy Małek know each other since 2004. In the course of their cooperation played hundreds of concerts together.                                                                                            Marek Dyjak has also released a number of albums with Jerzy: "Jeszcze raz " in 2009, ,,Teraz" in 2010, ,, Dyjak - Publicznie" in 2011, ,, Moje fado"  in 2011, ,,Kobiety " in 2013.                              Małek is also a music producer and arranger of Dyjak's latest album "Pierwszy Śnieg"  releasedJanuary 2017.


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Wojciech Karolak foto.png

wojciech karolak

The most famous Polish Hammond Organ and piano player, also a great composer and arranger who invited Jerzy to work with him in 2008. For the next seven years Wojciech's quartet toured throughout Poland and abroad. The team included leading Polish jazz musicians such as Tomasz Grzegorski and Arek Skolik plus great special gusest like vocalist Staszek Soyka, alto saxophonist Henryk Miśkiewicz and others.

wegehaupt zbigniew portret en _6211497.jpg

Zbigniew Wegehaupt

One of the most original Polish jazz basist and composers.    Jerzy worked with Zbigniew for almost 10 years and recorded two albums, "Wege" and "Tota". Zbyszek's band toured in Poland and abroad. By working with this outstanding bassist Jerzy had the opportunity to play with the eminent artists: Janusz Skowron,  Marcin Masecki, Dominik Wania and drummer Ziv Ravitz. Wegehaupt's own compositions and musical interpretations of jazz standards are respected by critics and jazz fans as the finest of the European jazz.

szukalski tomasz portret en _6492472.jpg


At the age of 23 Jerzy had the opportunity to tour several times with the most outstanding Polish tenor saxophonist Tomasz Szukalski. Szukalski's way of creating space in solos, phrasing and individual spirituality had a big influence on Malek's music and can be heard on album "Air" which is a kind of musical homage.


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zbigniew namysłowski

Zbigniew Namysłowski is the most recognisable Polish alto saxophonist and a composer. His career begun in 60's and had a big impact on European jazz through many years. From 2003 to 2009 Jerzy was a regular member of Zbigniew's Big Band. He also performed with Zbigniew Namysłowski Sextet in Poland and abroad including prestigious Red Sea Festival in Ejlat (Israel)


eric allen

Eric is a unique figure in the history of jazz. This outstanding drummer is known for his many years of cooperation with great American jazz trumpet player Wallace Roney. He also worked with legends of jazz: tenor saxophonist Illinois Jacquet and vibraphonist Lionel Hampton. In 2015 Jerzy invited Eric to his own project and made recordings later released as album entitled "Stalgia."


marcin wasilewski

Marcin is the leading pianist in the young generation of Polish jazz musicians. He was a member of Tomasz Stańko Quartet and recorded three famous albums with him for prestigious European label ECM. Jerzy and Marcin met while studying music in Katowice. They played together many times in Poland and abroad. In 2010 Jerzy invited Marcin to his own project "Air" released by Universal Music.


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hanna banaszak

One of the most recognizable voices in Polish jazz and pop music. Hanna during her career launched many hits such as "Samba przed rozstaniem", "W moim magicznym domu," "Pogoda ducha" and many others. In 2008 Jerzy was invited as a soloist to record on Hanna's album "Kofta". Album was very famous and became a gold record. Hanna Banaszak is very important because of her lyrical style of singing and had a big influence on Jerzy's way of playing ballads.


Ed Cherry

Ed Cherry is great American jazz guitarist and perhaps best known for his long association with legendary trumpet player Dizzy Gillespie with whom he performed from 1978 until shortly before Gillespie's death in 1993. In 2015 Jerzy had a great time touring with him in Poland.

Al Mcdowell

In the course of cooperation with Michał Urbaniak during "Urbanator Days" Jerzy had the opportunity to tour with the amazing bassist Al MacDowell. Al is very well-known as a member of legendary saxophonist Ornette Coleman band. His style is unique and individual full of booming, rapid-fire, flickering riffs and sizzling rhythms.


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Femi GibsonMo-S.jpg

Femi Temowo

One of the most recognizable British jazz guitarists. He is also a well-known music producer, musical director and broadcaster who collaborated with many great artists including Amy Winehouse. Jerzy played with him many times as a member of Michał Urbaniak's Group.


leszek kułakowski

Leszek is one of the greatest Polish jazz composers and piano players. He made several albums with his own music and played with many great jazz artists includingtrumpeter Eddie Henderson and saxophonist Andy Middleton. Jerzy Małek plays with Leszek Kułakowski Quartet since 2011. The team consists great Polish musicians, professors of the Music Academy of Gdańsk, bassist Potr Kułakowski and drummer Tomasz Sowiński.


sinfonia varsovia brass

Sinfonia Varsovia Brass is an ongoing project of Sinfonia Varsowia - the top Polish classical orchestra. In January 2017 Jerzy became a special guest as a soloist making additional improvisations to their latest album.